Conference Proceedings

Shapeshifting: A Conference on Transformative
Paradigms of Fashion and Textile Design.

ISBN: 978-1-927184-27-1

This publication presents 30 selected papers developed from an initial 47 presentations made at the Shapeshifting Conference held in Auckland in April 2014. The conference explored transformative paradigms in fashion and textile design through four thematic frameworks including Ambiguous & Automated Forms; Surface & Structural Transformations; The Fashion System & The Ephemeral; and Transformational Strategies. Shapeshifting, as a process of change and responsive agency is considered in these papers as a concern with cultures of transformation, navigations of the social and technological and the transversal hacker who unpicks and revises in order to contest what is current and deliver our future.

Editors: Frances Joseph, Mandy Smith, Miranda Smitheram and Jan Hamon

All 30 papers selected for publication were double blind peer reviewed by an international panel of fashion and textile experts and academic reviewers.

The publication has been produced by the Textile and Design Laboratory and Colab at the Auckland University of Technology.

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Peer Reviewer Acknowledgements:

Alex Russell, Alison Gwilt, Alex Russell, Amanda Bill, Andreas Mikellis, Angie Finn, Catherine Bagnall, Faith Kane, Frances Joseph, Jenny Underwood, Juliana Sissons, Kathryn Hardy Bernal, Kim Fraser, Lyle Reilly, Mandy Smith, Margarita Benitez, Maria O’Connor, Mark Jackson, Markus Vogl, Marlene Little, Natalie McLeod, Peter Shand, Rachel Philpott, Sharon Evans-Mikellis, Sue Prescott, Winnie Ha